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Spireon Launches New Optimized GPS Mobile Platform for Fleet Management

Spireon Launches New Optimized GPS Mobile Platform for Fleet Management

FleetLocate and VehiclePath End-Users Gain Even More Mobility Using Their Smart Phones and Tablets

Irvine, CA, November 6, 2013 — Spireon, Inc., a leading innovator of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Business Intelligence Solutions that connect companies to their mobile assets and workforces, announced the launch of its new, optimized GPS mobile platform to its FleetLocate and VehiclePath Fleet customers.

“Now it’s even easier for our customers to have the freedom and flexibility to manage their fleets using the latest features and functionality, right in the palms of their hands,” said Richard Pearlman, Director of Fleet Product Management.

With the new mobile platform, FleetLocate and VehiclePath customers can access their critical business data captured by the GPS Fleet Trackers with their smart phones and tablets. Through its enhanced, easy-to-use and optimized interface, users can access vehicle, trailer, equipment and asset tracking histories as well as real-time vehicle information from their mobile browsers, with no need to download an app. This enhanced mobile platform will not only help customers locate their vehicles and assets in real time, it will extend the power of FleetLocate and VehiclePath GPS Tracking Solutions after hours.

“A high percentage of our customers simply don’t have time to sit at a desk in the office to access the system. In fact, many business owners are out in the field themselves,” said Pearlman. “The mobile GPS tracking solution is a great tool that can be used to find out where their workers, vehicles, equipment, and assets are 24/7 — on-the-fly. This tool will ultimately help them improve their bottom lines.”

Fleet management software upgrades will also be automatically pushed out through the cloud, with no need to reload new firmware.

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Geotab Plug-and-Play Fleet Solutions Join Sprint Portfolio

OVERLAND PARK, KS - Sprint and Geotab Inc. announced that Geotab plug-and-play fleet management solutions are now part of Sprint’s connected transportation portfolio. Geotab is a leading provider of technology and software designed to increase fleet productivity, cost effectiveness and safety.

Now tested for compatibility on the Sprint network, the Geotab GO6 device is an easy-to-install, transportable device for cars and light to medium-duty trucks and vans. Geotab GO6 plugs into the vehicle’s OBDII (On-Board Diagnostic) port and relays information back to a web-based interface for fleet managers. As a result, managers can track and monitor vehicle locations, identify driving behaviors, optimize driver dispatch and routing, and improve the overall health of their fleets with maintenance reminders and alerts.

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real time GPS vehicle tracking system

GPS satellite tracking systems allow owners from the safety and liability standpoint to be  aware of exactly where each car or truck in a fleet is at any time. GPS systems can also  monitor fuel guzzling actions like motor idling and racing, as well as car owner cease some  time and info that will help you take steps to enhance driver and vehicle performance.

The GPS vehicle tracking system avails the service of GPS and is really helping logistics  company to effectively manage their day to day activities. The GPS fleet tracking system is  usually available with the transportation managing system that the company buys and really  assists them in reducing cost and time savings.

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Small Hardware Device Provides GPS Fleet Tracking Capabilities

Geotab, Inc. (“GEOTAB”) has launched GO5, a small, plug-and-play form factor device with GPS vehicle tracking capabilities for your fleet.

The GO5’s patented tracking algorithm tracks important detail and works in places with little coverage, the company said. The built-in 3D accelerometer provides analysis of accidents, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and unsafe turns. In vehicle warnings and alerts can be activated with the creation of rules, which can be setup through Global Business Concepts using GEOTAB’s web-hosted fleet management software.

The GO5's specifications sheet is available here.


Who uses GPS tracking?

GPS tracking devices are used by businesses in the service, transportation and manufacturing industries. Businesses of all sizes, with fleets of 1 to thousands of vehicles, rely upon their GPS tracking systems to add to their profitability. Types of businesses using GPS Vehicle tracking:

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Teenage driving poses many risks

PINELLAS COUNTY FLORIDA- Motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 killer of teens, according to statistics on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ Web site dedicated to teen driver safety.

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Don’t just manage your fleet. Let Global Business Concepts maximize it with VehiclePath GPS Vehicle Tracking. Innovative, easy to use and affordable, VehiclePath combines the powerful features and cost efficiencies of GPS, Mobile Resource Management (MRM), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology to provide businesses with real-time analytics to optimize fleet performance and drive profitability.

VehiclePath's real time visibility allows fleet owners to:

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  • Detect and eliminate waste and fraud
  • Improve worker performance and compliance
  • Track start/stop times through visibility into driver routes and time stamps for entering or exiting a job site



GEOTAB has the lowest possible vehicle unit cost. This is done by making full use of the latest microelectronic technology.

GEOTAB has NO monthly costs. It is not a real time system yet it offers 90% of the features (and some features that real time systems don’t have) with NO monthly or ongoing costs.

CHECKMATE reports the exact position and speed of a vehicle. This is unlike most other systems which do not exactly show the location of a vehicle. The GO vehicle unit will automatically record more route indicators when a vehicle is changing speed or direction quickly. This makes CHECKMATE exceptionally powerful and gives the best possible detail.

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